Transparent Pricing

Free for startups and direct investors

Startups and their investors on the cap table pay no fees.

SPV investors pay $8K + state fees

All SPV investors collectively pay the lifetime costs of operating the SPV. For smaller raises, we ensure no investor pays more than 10% in expenses.

0% Carried Interest
0% Management Fee
1.8% Expense

SPV Funds Breakdown

SPV Investments
SPV Expense
State Filing Fees
Investment Amount

Frequently Asked Questions

What are state filing fees?

Most states charge a small fee to file a Form D. The total fee will vary depending on the number of states your SPV investors come from, but the average is $1200.

What is the lowest amount I can raise with an SPV?

We require a minimum raise of $50,000. If you'd like to raise less, you'll need to cover the SPV expenses so that your investors do not pay more than 10% in fees.

Can my startup pay the expenses instead?

Yes. You may opt to pay the expenses instead.